Why do we sell organic wine?

Directors Ross and Nicole Stewart began their search for organic wine in the late 1990’s. With a background in biological science and nursing they founded their own natural and organic skincare company. They were concerned with the growing use of synthetic chemicals that are used to increase yield in the food we consume or to improve the look of products we place on our skin, all at the long-term expense of our health.

As lovers of good quality wine, they began searching the Margaret River region of Western Australia for organic and biodynamic producers. At the time, they could only find three wineries practicing organically. The benefits of organic farming include; better quality microbes in the soil, extra canopy management in the vineyard, higher quality fruit hence better wine, and also better health for the workers and no residual chemicals in the end product.

Now almost 30 years later the number of wineries practicing organic and biodynamic principles has flourished, many with full certification.  Organic wine online brings all this information and research together and provides a platform to purchase a selection of the best organic, biodynamic and preservative free wine in Australia.